HD Arms Group consists of HD Arms, HD Coatings and HD Arms Training Group.

Our company posture can be summed up with three simple words that hold deep significance - “Operate With Integrity” - we do not take compromising shortcuts and strive to provide the very best services possible.

HD Arms values its customers which is evidenced in the care and quality of our services and the products we provide. Artistic, detail-oriented, craftsmanship and honesty are defining characteristics of who we are.

As a consumer, I expect the very best and therefore, that is what every HD Arms customer can expect, the very best. We respect your project(s) as if they were our very own, with care and attention to detail.


HD Arms and HD Coatings provides gunsmithing services to include factory-trained and certified Cerakote application – if it can be coated, Cerakote can protect it!!

We offer full Gunsmithing Services; by teaming up with industry-leading suppliers, services that can not be performed in-house, are handled by our partners who are experts in their respective fields. This way you can always expect to receive industry-best results.


HD Arms Training Group

Today’s chaotic world has prompted many to purchase firearms for personal security. Realizing that firearm ownership without the necessary training is like giving Corvette keys to a 12-year old and asking them to drive from Kansas City to Los Angeles –Driving skills and navigation knowledge are required for such a trip.

The focus of our training therefore, is to equip the individual, young and old, male and female, with the mechanical skills needed to effectively operate a firearm under duress and the ability to navigate the mental processes involved.

Shooting paper targets is not the same as readiness to protect oneself and those under the mantle of their protection, from an assailant(s). The Mechanics of wielding a firearm, from draw to discharge, and the legalities of displaying and discharging a weapon must be known and understood.

HD Arms Provides Multi-State Concealed Carry training as well as NRA certified Pistol instruction. Note that we can conduct personal one-on-one training or group training at your home or facility with student minimums.

As a training Group, we source from a pool of trainers, of varying competencies, to provide a full range of personal security and weapons training topics.

New to firearms? The conduct of HD Arms instructors will always provide a welcoming atmosphere and we will endeavor to promote learning for all students at any level.

Please feel free to contact us at (262) 357-4222 to discuss your training needs.


"Behold, I have created the smith who blows the fire of coal and produces a weapon for its purpose." -Isaiah 54:16